Work With Us

Kinetic Spark is dedicated to uncovering challenge points and exploring areas of opportunity for service-based organizations. We ignite business growth by providing customized and sustainable solutions that build operational excellence.

Custom Strategic Design

Work with us to develop a customized strategy focused on your vision for your business, and prioritize the actions that will lead to success. Our execution process includes direct training with leaders and staff so we can test solutions, and modify in order to optimize outcomes. 

Together we can create a customer journey that exceeds expectations, recover lost revenue, and improve the work environment.


Discovery Evaluation

Let’s get started by diving into the people, processes, and data that affects revenue, employee performance, and client satisfaction.

Results provide valuable insight, implementation strategies, and potential next steps.

Project Implementation

Lets crush some goals! 

  • Have a project you keep putting on the back burner? We want it to happen, tell us more!
  • We can discover inefficiencies and provide recommendations through workflow assessments.
  • Feel like all you do is documentation? We can complete a review of your paper and electronic systems and simplify!

Let's Ignite Your Business!

Achieving a culture of accountability and performance, and eliminating wasteful processes, takes clear direction and a spark of ingenuity. We bring with us bright energy and systematic approach to help business owners light up their industry. 

Contact us if you are ready to optimize your operations, claim a functional foundation, and accomplish your goals.