Our Approach

Kinetic Spark is dedicated to uncovering challenge points and exploring areas of opportunity for service-based organizations. We ignite business growth by providing customized and sustainable solutions that build operational excellence.

Achieving a culture of accountability and performance, and eliminating wasteful processes, takes clear direction and a spark of ingenuity. We bring with us bright energy and a systematic approach to help business owners light up their industry. 

Featured Case Studies

Company One


• Business Owner was seeing repeated errors and poor communication from the team.

• There was a great lack of consistency and standardization in systems.

• The Owner was a micromanager with low trust and agility.

• There was discourse among the team and a toxic work culture.

• Employees voiced a lack of confidence and abilities to fulfill their role in the company.


• Established a performance improvement plans to guide employee development reducing errors and improving employee satisfaction.

• Major errors were uncovered, and within one month we found $15,000 worth of revenue discrepancies that we were able to recover.

• New systems were implemented to monitor and avoid any future deficiencies.

• Increased efficiency was established in all systems improving the overall customer experience.

• Efficiency allowed lost time to be reallocated to more affective actions such as executing on priorities that contributed to business growth and professional development.

• Closing surveys demonstrated an increase in clarity of expectations, accountability, and communication among all staff and leaders.

Company Two


• Owner was attracting more customers than they could handle and was losing opportunities for new revenue.

• Turning away referral customers was jeopardizing relationships with current loyal customers.

• The Owner was spending all time working every system of the business without the ability to act in the role of CEO and business development.

• All systems were in The Owner’s head so they could not affectively delegate.


• Completed a Strategic Planning Session for the business to outline long-term and near-term goals for business and personal development.

• Priorities and action steps illustrated the most effective way toward the growth the owner wanted to see.

• Systems and processes were documented and optimized increasing ability to successfully delegate to outsourced assistants.

• Schedules and service offerings were optimized in order to serve more customers without working more hours, while also increasing revenue

• Reallocated time was also spent working ON the business in the seat of CEO, and to personal time rejuvenating in the evenings and on weekends.

Imagine the day you can get a “Here Cup” instead of a “To-Go Cup” at your favorite coffee shop