Downloadable Resources

Kinetic Spark offers the following resources to ignite your business.

To Do Or Not To Do

Next time you are creating a “To-Do” list, instead try to turn it into a “GOALS LIST.” Take each task and use actionable words.

Efficiency Time Tracker

When it comes to building systems and processes, efficiency is key. Time is a limited asset, so you want your time to be as productive as possible.

Crushing Goals & Projects

A goal should have a set beginning and a clear end. And most goals should be broken down into smaller tasks or activities that guide you toward accomplishing that goal.

6 (not so) Secrets to Business Success

Ask yourself the big questions, assess your business strategy, and integrate these 6 factors.

Meeting Agenda Template

Well-run meetings allow you to identify and solve issues, make decisions, take action, and create accountability.